Integrity Self Publishing Enterprises

Author Bloopers Joint Venture

You are invited to be a partner in a Joint Venture.

Take time out to smell the roses and to laugh at yourself.

This new project will consist of Author Bloopers, the type where you thought you typed in friend but it went to press as fried.

Why would you want to share your bloopers?

To generate more interest in YOUR book or e-book. 

How, you ask?

You will be given credit for the blooper.


Those that are interested in also running a contest for the first customer to find the blooper mentioned, we will help promote the contest for you. Prize will be determined by you.


Bloopers will be collected all summer and plans are to release this in the fall.

Want to join in the fun? Send me your bloopers and permission to use them at 

integrityselfpublishing at gmail dot com