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Recommended Services

On this page you will find information about other services and the people that provide them. We at Integrity want to help you the author have a successful journey with your e-book/book. To that end we are networking with the people and companies below that we believe will help you move further up the ladder of success.

If you are interested in contacting any of the companies below to discuss your e-book or book with one of them, let us know and we will introduce you. Integrity staff 


A good friend and someone I have  personally worked with off and on over the years is:

The Social Media Queen, Lisa

Her services include: Social Media Marketing Training; Facebook page creations with new timeline; Google presence and business pages with profiles; one on one consulting and training  if need be; Blog Creation; and Hosting which starts at 24.00 a year.


Another gal to help promote your work is:

Virtual Tours Promoter, Rhachelle

Her services include: a blog tour - including guest post, interviews and giveaways, a customized design for t-shirts, twitter blast, Facebook post, reviews and more.


The latest thing in book promotions:

Book Trailers and More with Stormi

Their services include producing a book trailer, blog tours as well as website and social networking help.


 Located in Delhi:

Darshan offers a variety of services:

Services include PDF conversion, scanning of printed work, OCR, data entry, pre-press services and e-book conversion services.


Have a ministry you want to become a 501C3?

501c3 Filing - Ministries, Missions, Churches - Get Started





Note: While Integrity does recommend the services above, we do not guarantee anything beyond our own work. It is up to you, the client to do your due diligence and see if the service and the company are what you want to promote your work.